ViSalus Vi Shape Meal Shake Nutritional Mix and Amway NUTRILITE® Meal Replacement Shake Review

By: Guest Author Dimarie Ilarraza,

Today I am going to share with you my personal experience with two of the best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss or Muscle Gain I have found on the market place and I will help you to compare objectively both of these meal replacement shakes to help you make the best decision that suits your goal.

The first thing one think when hearing about meal replacement shake is weight loss, but the truth is that these shakes even when are mostly used as part of a weight-loss diet, it can be used as a weight-gain diet or just to maintain your lean body mass.

I was personally looking forward to lose few pounds but I don’t have the time or the sufficient nutrition acknowledges preparing or cooking healthy weight loss meals. I was looking to simplify my life with something nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare.

I quickly turn into Meal replacement shakes as this kind of shakes usually are portable, super easy to prepare and can be consumed almost anywhere. Meal replacement shakes eliminate the hard work especially for some of us with active lives and that don’t like to be all day long in the kitchen.

Which Meal Replacement Shake is better for you?

As not all meal replacement shakes are good; maybe they could taste delicious but there is an important factor that is quality of product and benefits for your overall health.

When I began to look for options I take in account that:

  1. Some meal replacement shakes are low in calories so maybe I will feel hungry and tired along the day.
  2. Although most meal replacement shakes are fortified with vitamins and minerals, they do not contain enough essential fats, fiber and other healthful nutrients to maintain health and well-being.
  3. Many commercial brands of meal replacement shakes likely contain large amounts of artificial sweeteners, flavors and preservatives. So many people can experience allergies, hyperactivity and secondary effects.

And the most important:

  1. Using meal replacement shakes does not teach you healthy eating habit,  food portion control so if you don’t have a plan to follow or have a support group you will likely regain the lose weight.

After a long period of researching I found that these are two of the best quality meal replacement shakes in the market today.

Here is how I made a comparison between the two.

I always recommend looking further than taste to pick a meal replacement shake and chose a shake that fits with your personal body requirements and fitness goals. So after a research of meal replacement shake options my list narrow to what I called the two best meal replacements shakes for weight loss or gain muscle:

ViSalus Vi Shape Meal Shake Nutritional Mix and Amway NUTRILITE® Meal Replacement Shake Review

While I was researching online I had seen over and over a lot of shakes comparisons, most of them are only sell oriented that we don’t find a sincere or real review of the product. So here I don’t want to compare one shake like “next best thing” or “the winner” among the other. I want to deliver you a review that helps you compare by yourself which shake in the market suits your needs and goals.

  1. I Taste it and check the existent flavors variety.

Nutrilite® Meal Replacement Shake

This one come in two already prepared flavors: French Vanilla and Chocolate. I take the time to tasting both of the flavors, and they were appetizing, but personally the chocolate had the best taste.

Independently the good taste, the Sucralose sweetener presence is very strong to my taste and both flavors leave me a yucky metallic aftertaste and bath breath.

ViSalus Vi Shake

This shake comes in one base cream flavor mix that could be customized using the Health Flavor Mix-Ins (banana, chocolate, orange, apricot and strawberry) or you can add fruits or make it an ice coffee. Also they give a website where you can find recipes and other ways to use the shake mix.

After preparing it and tasting the base flavor alone was great and all the Flavor Mix-Ins was delicious. Neither after taste nor bath breath appears, there is just .003mg of Sucralose per serving. I was very pleased!

I look at the nutrition facts table and ingredients quality and compare both objectively to check its compounds fits into my diet plan.

Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss or Muscle Gain

The nutrition fact of both is quite good. If you see in the table above, ViSalus Vi Shakes have fewer calories than Nutrilite® Meal Replacement Shake. But when you add to the Vi Shakes the milk in which you blend the shake mix, the fruits or the Flavor Mix-Ins the calories rise up a bit. That is not a problem at all since All I want to keep this review real.

Nutrilite® Meal Replacement Shake has Milk and Soy protein which are good and are associated with lower blood pressure.

ViSalus Vi Shakes has Whey and Non-GMO Soy Protein from beans. Combining whey and soy protein as main dietary components is proven to provide essential nutrients as well as health benefits according to the USDA. The Vi Shakes uses a Tri-Sorb protein blend that is a unique blend of highly absorbable proteins. Also is gluten and lactose free which is good for lactose intolerant people and is kosher (which means foods that conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law framework).

Both of the protein sources are Ok, but take in account that any of both products are not Vegan. In my case I am Ovo-lacto vegetarian but for many of you this will be an issue that the companies should take in account in the future.

About the ingredient quality:

Nutrilite® Meal Replacement Shake

The Nutrilite brand is an Amway brand, which has over 50 years on the market and has a well build reputation and satisfy clients all over the world. Nutrilite products ingredients come from their personal organic farms located over Washington, Mexico, Brazil and California which allow them to control the quality levels of their production.  Their focus on being good for the environment as well by having all of their foods grown organically with focus on being environmentally friendly is a huge plus.

ViSalus Vi Shake

The Body by Vi Shake mix is  bring by ViSalus  which is a relative young company if we compared with Amway but  is the product is backed by a group of highly respected doctors, wellness, formulation and manufacturing experts, with decades of experience and research, participate in the ViSalus  product formulation process. These scientists review published clinical and scientific studies and even design their own National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded studies to identify supplements that may have health–promoting properties.

Their products are not organic but are NON GMO (non genetically modified organism)

  1. I check the cost, quantity and warranty

Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss or Muscle GainBody by Vi Shakes retail prize $68 is quite accessible but they offer a discounted price of $49 for both customers and distributors that are on auto ship. The company also make possible to get the product for free for customers and distributors ass well is they refer 3 people into buying the product.  In the terms of serving is great that with just one bag you obtain 30 days of product serving.In term of price Nutrilite® Meal Replacement Shake retail price $34.80 I found that $2.90 per serving is not bad at all. I mean people spend more on a “Coffee Shop” Cup of Coffee and are not a full meal.  You have the reduced price as a distributor but zero opportunity of gets it for free. But you’ll need to buy at least 3 boxes to obtain 30 servings.

Both companies offers money back warranty but I think Amway warranty is just amazing with 180 days. I think that could only come from a company with more than 50 years established.

  1. I  compare and see which suite better my lifestyle

The Nutrilite® Meal Replacement Shake is conveniently ready to chill and drink and is packaged in individual 11 fl. oz. cartons. The downsize for me is that it generates more garbage in my place and you have to stick to the vanilla or chocolate flavor.

On other hand the ViSalus Vi Shakes Mix is package in one zip bag so you have to prepare the shake every time you are going to drink it and you will have to use a blender or blender cup to prepare it. So it is not so easy portable in terms that you will have to use a cup that keep drinks cold if you are not going to drink it in the moment. For me it wasn’t a big deal because I mostly work from home and if I have to go out I just plan ahead and substitute the breakfast or so.

Conclusion and Comparison Table

The ViSalus Vi Shape Shake Mix and Amway NUTRILITE® Meal Replacement Shake were the best I found in vast option that exist in the market. But at the end and after tasting and comparing both with its pro and cons I decide to stick with the Vi- Shape Meal Shake Mix.

The taste is great and I can just be creative and make my own shake recipes. It fits my diet objectives and my health requirements. Its cost is affordable plus I just can get it for FREE.  The most that I like is for my purchase I receive a complete plan and track progress plus a complete online tool and community that will support me through my journey. Besides I found the Body by Vi™ 90-day Challenge is super fun and keep me focused into my goal of loosing weight.

Another great plus for ViSalus Vi Shakes is that VISALUS™ is the company behind the Body by Vi™ 90-day Challenge so with your first customer purchase you will receive a complete Program Guide, Progress Tracker booklet, access to their online Health Member website for recipes, menus, nutritional information, exercise tools, and more. It also includes samples of Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins.

Meal Replacements Shakes for Weight Loss or Muscle Gain

WhyOnly12GramsOfProteininViSalus Vi-Shape?

*Please note that in the chart above ViSalus isn’t comparing the Vi Shape Shake I am reviewing today.

I hope this comparison can help you to compare objectively both of these two shakes in order to help you make the best decision that suits your goal.

Dimarie Ilarraza,

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